Matthias Naasner


Matthias Naasner discovered his passion for sounds in his early childhood; already at the age of four, the little beggar who lives today in Duesseldorf, was warbling Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. But his musical taste changed an the passion for electronic music grew. To his 14th birthday he wished two 1210er and a mixer; from that point on he started terrorizing his neighbors and parents’ house. Disks like Laurent Garnier’s “Coloured City” or Emanuel Top’s “Turkish Bazar” impressed him in the nineties.

He gained his first DJ experiences in the so called “Bunker” in Duesseldorf. Cellar, fog machine, much strobe and Matthias on the decks were always a guarantee for a good rave. With labels such as “Roul`e” or “Crydamoure” he discovered in 1995 the stylistic house, little later minimal and that’s how he kept on broaden his musical mind.

His mix tapes and club appearances are genre cross and not be pigeonholed, with an almost childish love of detail he won us over again and again with an asolutely danceable sound. As a resident of the “Minimal House Park” and “Ellihouse” party series he is a welcome guest in clubs throughout Germany.
Since 2010 the desire seized him to produce music himself and three years later his first release was already published on George Morel’s label “Groove on”.
As a longtime friend of the “wer liebt” family, it is literally our duty to accompany him on his way and to help him with words and deeds. His potential and his talent are indisputable.

Let the beat goes on!

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